What are typical commission rates?

I work in two mediums primarily: oil paint and colored pencil. Prices of commissions depend on the size, dimensions, and optional framing. Oil paintings start at $225 for an 8x8 and colored pencil drawings start at $75 /$125 framed. These prices do not include Minneapolis taxes or shipping.


What do I need to start the commission process?

Email 3-4 photos or schedule a studio visit with the model if they are able. I recommend photos for cats and animals not accustomed to travel. A $50 deposit gets your artwork in my queue (cash, check, or credit card)


Can I give a custom painting as a gift?

Yes! I can provide a gift certificate or, for a small fee, I can mail a refined sketch with matting including a note about the commission process. For gifts, custom work must be paid in full before certificates or sketches are sent.


What is your timeline?

Send me a note and I can give you an estimate! For last minute gifts or rush commissions, I can provide a nice sketch with a note saying "painting on the way" or a rush fee can be added to the commission.


Can I choose color and pose for the artwork?

For oil paintings you can certainly have input on both color and pose! To help with these choices I recommend collecting reference images of paintings on my website, other artwork you enjoy, photos of the space where the painting will be displayed, fabric swatches etc. The pose should speak to the individuality of the subject - happy smiles, hunting dog focus, bulldog wrinkles etc! Colored pencil portraits are created via emailed images and I determine the pose and color myself as the artwork is created. This allows a faster creation time and lower price point.